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Transportation to Alaçatı
Transportation to Alaçatı
Alaçatı Çeşme

Alaçatı is located in Çeşme Town of İzmir, in the center of the wind corridor of Çeşme Peninsula’ s This Waist where the winds blow from North to South, and vice versa. During summers northeaster winds breath Alaçatı with an average that is much higher than Turkey’ s average ( app. 330 days annualy ), and this makes this burg one of the leading windsurfing centers of the whole world.

Ilıca to the North famous with its beaches, Alaçatı Port to the South with Windsurfing Clubs, Karadağ to the West olive fields and newly established vineyards. Alaçatı is located only 3 km s to Aegean Coast with an altitude of 16 mt s. Alaçatı is only 70 km to İzmir City Center, and Adnan Menderes International Airport  that is only 90 km s to Alaçatı can be easily reached with the highway that is connecting Çeşme to İzmir.
For those who prefer driving from Istanbul to Alaçatı will have to drive only 340 km s after leaving the Yenikapı – Bandırma Ferry, by taking the route Balıkesir – Manisa – İzmir – Alaçatı that will take 4 – 5 hrs under normal circumstances.
Moreover, shuttles from both Izmir Otogar and Üçkuyular Bus Terminal will give you easy access to Alaçatı that will take only 1 hr with “ Çeşme Seyahat “ Company.



Ps : ALAÇATI MARINA is located  38º 15' 12'' N, 26º 23' 06'' E


*Alaçatı - İzmir : 70 km

*Alaçatı - Çeşme : 7 km

*Alaçatı - Ildır : 15 km

*Alaçatı - Ephesus : 155 km.